Augment Your Auto Glass with These Perks and Accessories

Your auto glass can serve many different purposes, depending upon your vehicle’s use. For most, it offers a superior level of protection against the elements and is designed optimally to handle an automobile accident or collision. Some performance vehicles include an added level of strength and may even feature special amenities to make driving easier and more efficient. Most people do not give their windshields and windows much thought until they either become dirty or suffer a crack. Ultimately, these issues can pose threats to your vision or the strength of the vehicle in the event of an accident.

As we seek out more and more conveniences in our daily lives, there is no surprise that even auto glass now comes with several built-in amenities. Polarized glass is very common, helping to reduce the amount of glare and UV rays that penetrate the interior of the vehicle. There are several other types of auto glass and accessories that can be added to make your driving experience more pleasurable and secure, however. We will discuss a few of these examples in the following article so that you can be aware of your options.

Tinted Windows

Not necessarily new, tinted windows are still one of the most desirable auto glass modifications performed on vehicles. Many new vehicles are sold with some form of window tinting already applied, but it can be barely noticeable to the driver. In most cases, this is done to reduce glare from the sun and ensure a reduction of harmful UV rays that can damage both your skin and the interior of the car. Aftermarket tinting services are provided by some auto glass shops as a way to add extra value and appeal to your automobile. Tinting rules vary by state, with a minimum amount of visibility required (measured in terms of percentage of light that passes through the window).

Bullet-proof Windows

While this was something that was only available to the wealthiest of individuals in the past, the demand of bullet-proof windows has increased in recent years and has lowered prices considerably. Particularly popular in high-crime areas, bullet-proof glass is offered by select auto glass technicians and will provide protection against most forms of ammunition. While still expensive when compared to traditional auto glass, this amenity can usually be installed for roughly three to four times the cost of traditional auto glass, which makes it attainable for some who find its protection alluring.

Professional Windshield Wipers

The standard set of windshield wipers for most cars may need to be replaced every few months, which presents an opportunity to upgrade to something better. Customized windshield wipers can be found at select automotive glass shops and provide extra performance in inclement weather. There are many different types to choose from depending on your automobile, but the general theme is one of higher quality when compared to OEM windshield wipers and wiper blades. Most professional wiper blades can be purchased for less than $20 and a new system of wipers can be found for one to two hundred dollars.

Vent Visors

Yet another popular after-market add-on, vent visors can help introduce fresh air into your car without allowing rain or wind directly into the vehicle. With standard auto glass, changes in driving direction and wind can allow gusts of air and sheets of rain to make their way into the cabin, which is an inconvenience at best and a disaster at worst. Vent visors are relatively affordable solutions (usually less than $100) that will block this while providing air flow by channelling the air in and out in a minimally disruptive fashion. Many auto shops such as Auto Zone and Auto Parts Warehouse offer vent visors that can be installed in no time at all.

Window Defrosters

While many cars have defrost systems built into them and even rear defrost systems, older vehicles may not and some vehicles’ windshields need a more comprehensive solution than the vents that are included. Standalone window defrosters are a popular option in this circumstance, many of which can be found for around $100 and utilize a battery pack for power. A remote control is included, which can allow them to be activated while indoors and are a better solution for defrosting than idling your car before it is time to head to work or school.


With so many different accessories to consider for your automobile, you may have completely ignored the ones available for your auto glass and windshields. Now that you are aware of some of the accessories and perks out there, you can decide which ones may be right for you and act accordingly. From safety accessories to methods of convenience, your windshield and windows can be accentuated with a variety of items that can add value to your car, van, truck or SUV and an increased pleasure to your personal or professional driving experience.

Classic Car Auto Glass Repair Information

You should know that the windscreen or windshield of a car is the window at the front of a car. Modern windshields are generally made of a safety glass that is laminated, this is a type of treated glass, which consists of typically two glass sheet that are curved with a layer of plastic laminated between them for protection and are bonded into the frame of the car window.

You should also know that the windshield protects the occupants of the vehicle from wind and also flying debris for example insects, rocks, dust and providing an aerodynamically shaped window to the front. You should also know that a UV coating can be applied to remove dangerous ultraviolet radiation.

How you can repair a windshield

You should know that it is true that car windshields tend to break  and they require repair and replacement. This can occur for various reasons. For example, a chip of gravel can hit the car’s windscreen while the car is moving.

The following are steps that you should follow

You should not disregard a minor crevice caused by a minor collision or a flying stone: this can be a blunder, since minor crevices are likely to spread on the windshield of a car, mainly in cold weather. You should know that this happens because manufacturers make hardened car windshield glass under pressure that is intense. The glass has density that is very high and this will make the crevices on the windshield to widen progressively. Therefore, even minor crevices in the windshield of a car can be a grave matter.

You should be able to decide between replacement and repair: you should know that it is expensive to replace a windshield of a car. A viable substitute is repair of windshield, which is accepted by most of the insurance companies instead of replacement. You should also know that the insurance companies even waive the deductible of the client should he/she choose to repair rather than replace the windshield of the car. This makes some monetary sense to the companies offering insurance services too, because that way they save millions every repairing rather than replacing a car windshield, the original windshield will retain the integrity of the seal from its factory. Unluckily, repair is not feasible for crevices of bigger size. In such a scenario, the owner of the car has no other option but to replace the windshield. Car safety norms mandates that a car has a proper windshield that doesn’t affect the ability of the driver to steer is important for you to note that although replacement is expensive, various auto glass businesses can’t guarantee a mended crevices while it is not spread.

You should decide on the repair procedure: you should know that it is possible to mend broken as well as seriously scratched car windshields. New solutions for car windshield repair include the revolutionary pre-resin injection suspension method (PRISM) technology and other techniques that comprise injection of resin into the fissures with or without vacuum. You should know that this process can last for about some minutes or even an hour, depending upon the cracks that are present. You should also know that it is possible to do repair and replacement of the car’s windshield without including professionals in the process. You should also know that there are several types of windshield repair and replacement kits present in the market today. Kits for repairing windshield generally feature the compound of resin that works as filler, injectors that are used to fill this resin into the fissure, structures for holding to stabilize the area affected and curing lamps to accelerate the process of setting.

Types of auto glass that you should know about…

Hydrophobic glass:  you should know that this type of glass is of a new technology. This term is used to refer to a portion of glass that is treated with a film that is applied in liquid form and then allowed to cure. You should also know that it is deigned to work like surface that is waxed, causing drops of rain to bead up then roll off the surface of the glass as the car drives down the road.

Laminated glass:  you should know that this glass was designed to improve on the safety of the occupants of the car. It reduces the chances of the occupants exiting the car through the window during roll-over accident and also makes it hard for a robber to break in.

Privacy glass:  you should know that this glass was designed to protect the car is a dark tinted glass that will let occupants to look out easily.

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