Auto Glass

Gimmicks to Watch Out For From Big Auto Glass Specialists

These days, it seems like everyone and their mother claims to be an auto glass specialist or technician. When you open up the Yellow Pages or do an internet search, you are likely to find a slew of businesses in your area, with all of them promising the same thing more or less. How can you know which ones are to be trusted? It can be exhausting, flipping through review after review and calling a plethora of shops to see what the wait times are or how much it will cost. Because of this, many people wind up ultimately making the wrong decision in terms of who they select to perform the repairs.

Bigger auto glass repair companies – particularly, those who operate nationally – have a few key advantages working for them. The biggest may be the fact that they enjoy name recognition: even if you’ve never had your auto glass repaired or replaced, there is a good chance that you can name one or more of these companies. They also have big budgets that allow them to advertise themselves as local repair solutions in virtually every corner of the country, which can be a tad misleading. There are several gimmicks that the bigger names in auto glass repair will use to grab your business; before you make any decisions, you should be aware of them.

The 15-Minute Repair

Many big brands in auto glass repair and replacement make a bunch of promises about how quickly they’ll repair your vehicle. In no uncertain terms, they’ll express that the damage “can be repaired in just fifteen minutes” or “call us and we’ll be there in a half-hour”. These can be quite misleading. For starters, many auto glass companies find themselves being booked a day or more in advance, which means that it will be impossible for them to arrive within a half-hour or less. In addition to that, some forms of damage cannot be repaired in fifteen minutes due to their complexity. It makes for a great-sounding way to grab customers, but is almost always not true.

This becomes blatantly untrue in the event of a replacement. An auto glass technician will in many cases first need to assess your windshield or glass to see if a repair can be done, or if it’ll require a replacement. These technicians are often mobile, which means that even if a replacement is the only option for sure (after a wreck that totals the windshield), they will still need to fetch the appropriate fitting windshield from a centralized location and bring it to your location. While many auto glass companies do perform fast repairs and replacements, never expect it to be done as quickly as they claim on their websites or over the phone.

“We’re the Cheapest in Town”

Much like you’ll see with car insurance commercials, everybody claims that they are the cheapest solution available. While this obviously will be true for one company in a given area, it can’t possibly be true for everyone. In many cases, bigger auto glass companies simply cannot be cheaper than locally trusted competition – when you factor in overhead, company training, and other logistics, it is simply impossible for them to beat the prices of many homegrown auto glass companies. The only way you can be sure about cost is if you call each company and verify the pricing, but this may be unnecessary in the first place.

This gimmick works because it preys upon our instinct to seek out the most affordable solutions. If you have auto insurance and your glass is merely damaged, however, then the overall price of the repairs shouldn’t come into consideration. Why? Because almost every auto insurance policy with full coverage provides comprehensive auto glass repair services with no out of pocket costs to you. This means that as long as the company accepts your auto insurance, you won’t be worrying about the ultimate costs of the repairs – that’s your insurance company’s problem.

The Damage Will Disappear

Many auto glass companies make claims that once the repairs are performed on your windshield and auto glass, that they will look as good as new. This is an outright lie in many cases. The fact is that your glass was prepared in a very precise way, and the injection of resin into a damaged area will not exactly match that of the original glass. In some cases where there is a very small amount of damage, the repairs may be so limited that you don’t notice them. In any other instance, however, you will still see some difference in where the glass was repaired versus everywhere. Big companies claim that their expertise allows them to save your windshield and restore it to new condition. In the vast majority of cases, however, you’ll still be able to see imperfections from where it has been repaired.